2017 Manchester Chorale with Acantus

2019 – Utrecht (NL)
We brought a concert in the St. Aloysius church for a warm, thoughtful and grateful audience. We sang our latest pieces and we honored our Flemish composers.

2018 – Cologne (Germany)
We sang the ‘Mittagsgebet’ in the Kölner Dom and the worship service in the church of Sankt Maria im Kapitol.

2017 – Manchester (UK)
Very nice contact with the Manchester Chorale and the conductor. We sang a beautiful concert, honored with the presence of the Lord Mayor, and his Lady Mayoress. Sunday a worship with the 2 choirs, with the performance of our Mass of Močnik and singing together by both choirs.

2016 – Manchester Chorale
(UK) invited to Belgium by Acantus

The Chorale’s trip to Belgium was an unqualified success. The weather was fine, the food was good, the singing was excellent and the beer was Belgian. Four days of heaven!
Our host choir Koor Acantus and the Chorale’s chairman John Eaden had made sure that not a minute was wasted during the trip. The organisation of hotel, two concerts, lots of food, travel, tours of Antwerp and its cathedral, and even a free day to do as we liked were testament to the hard work that the organisers had put in.
And the singing was topped off by the two choirs singing together in both the concerts. Rachmaninov’s Tebje Pajom never sounded better than it did in the Sunday Artists’ Mass in the most Baroque church any of us had ever been in Saint Carolus Borromeus Church.

2016 – Catalonia, Spain
It was for us an experience that Barcelona trip! Tapas, drink, dance and cordiality! The concerts! The baptism! The visits! We look back with pleasure and joy in this intense four-day, organized brilliantly by Catasons. Amigos para siempre. 

2015 ‘Coral Catasons’ (Catalonia, Spain) invited to Belgium by Acantus
The Catalans were treated to a varied program of tours of Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels, visiting the European Parliament, a reception by the council on Cortewalle, a barbecue with singing suddenly and the concerts was topped. Once again it was proved that singing brings people together.

2014 – Paris (France)
Our trip tradition started twenty five years ago in the city of lights. Was on June 29 “Acantus à Paris” on the poster of “Les Dimanches Musicaux” in the prestigious Madeleine Church. We spent only music from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. An international audience enjoyed Tinel, De Boeck, Van Nuffel and Nees. There was also European music on the program. Hera Wyckers played the magisterial Cavaillé-Coll organ. Flemish music convey in foreign countries and other cultures sniff aspects of choral life that we want to develop and nurture the next few years … 

2013 – Verona and Venice (Italy)
One of the highlights of the year was the Italian participation in Festival Corale Verona Garda Estate. The busy program included performances secular and masses. The charming Barbara guided us from the concerts and choirs by tourist attractions such as Verona, Vicenza, Sirmione, … On the unforgettable final night in our guest restaurant La Genuina we even got the manager and his staff dancing. On the return trip we visited Venice and arranging a Mass at the San Marco.

2012 – Amiens (France)
Beautiful music by Flemish composer Flor Peeters resounded through the French Cathedral. 6 choir members were musically baptized in the Cathedral Square. We visited Cap Griz Nez, Boulogne-sur-Mer and Saint-Valerie-sur-Somme. Godfried, Wim, and co-singer Bert, accompanied by the other basses, paid a touching tribute to our outgoing Omer

2009 – Portugal
A beautiful story of Lisbon: Acantus and Faith in the echoing monastery garden of Jeronimos, the roof, the ladder and the balcony of the Chapito, Jan with his hat and his handsome ebony Selma. A beautiful city, Lisbon: its large squares, the tram, the wide river and the impressive bridge, Alfama and Belem, but also Sintra and Mafra, Obidos and Fatima, and the tempestuous sea. The fado led its own life during this dream vacation.

2008: Kairos (Poland) invited to Belgium by Acantus … Witam!
The memories of the first exchange in 1990 came flooding back … The reunion was warm and emotional, with outstanding concerts in Sint-Niklaas and Haasdonk and … perhaps worthy of a repeat in Poland?

2007 – Luxembourg
Here we tasted some Moselle wine, visited the city, ‘baptised’ 5 recent choir members, and sang mass in the beautiful St Martin’s church of Dudelange, accompanied by Erwin on the organ. A beautiful trip!

2006 – Vox Carniolus choir (Slovenia) invited to Belgium by Acantus.
Manca Jelenc summarises: Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp etc. were all great, but the co-operation between us and Acantus was even better. Hopefully this is to be continued. We had our two best concerts this season here in Belgium.

2005 – Slovenia
Wonderful journey with performances in Bled, Kranjska Gora and Koroska Bela with host choir Vox Carniolus. Sightseeing tour of Ljubljana, visit to the caves of Skocjan and the stud farm of Lipica. We climbed the giant ski-jump in Planice and tasted the great variety of wines from the Vipava Valley.

2004 – Lille (France)
Walking, discovering, finding, looking, feeling, tasting together. Laughing, singing, great musical abundance, and human interaction. Fio honoured and celebrated for his accompaniment. Musical highlight: singing Holy Mass in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-la-Treille.

2002 – Rome and Umbria (Italy)
Superb trip culminating in a performance in St Peter’s basicila. Magnificent concert in Assisi and a capella performance in San Guistino. Choir discovered beautiful Umbrian countryside as well as the delights of a refreshing swimming pool.

2001 – Reims (France)
The famous champagne cellars, the snails, the initiation of 5 new choir members, Holy Mass and a guided tour in the cathedral, walks through the gently undulating countryside, a champagne party at a co-operative: only a few of our everlasting memories!

1999 – Canterbury (UK)
Tea time for ‘The good companions of Beveren’ after singing Holy Mass in All Saints Church, Tudeley!

1998 – Prague (Czech)
Performances in the Churches of Our Lady of the Snows, St Ludmilla and the Infant Jesus of Prague. Brilliant mini-concert in the old urban square traditionally called the centre of Europe. The Ave Verum Corpus resounds in Villa Bertramka, former residence of W. A. Mozart!

1996 – Hillerod (DK)
Invited by the Frederiksborg Kammerkor from Hillerod, the choir pays a return visit to Denmark. Concerts in Engholm, Hillerod and Soborg with Flemish choral works by Tinel, Termont, D’Hollander, Nees and works of de Monte, Purcell, Duruflé and Britten.

1994 – Koblenz (Germany)
Concerts in the Liebfrauenkirche and on the promenade in Bad Ems.

1993 – Hungary
Invited by the Bartok choir from Budapest, the choir graced concerts in Budapest, Buda and Val with works by Schutz, Nees, Kodaly and Vogel.

1991 – Strasbourg (France)
Mass by Ph. De Monte in the cathedral!

1990 – Poland
Invited by the very hospitable Chor Akademicki UMCS of Lublin, the choir makes its first big trip abroad. Concerts in Lublin, Warsaw, Kazimierz Dolny. A direct hit because of the permanent friendly and musical ties which still exist between members of both choirs. Gaude Mater Polonia!

1989 – Paris (France)
Holy Mass in Notre Dame cathedral with works by Flor Peeters and J. Van Nuffel before a mass of 5 to 6,000 people!